Appointment structure

What to expect:

  • The initial consult will always include a thorough case taking process, this will take 45min.

  • The Student will be required to fully take your case and present it to a supervisor for review and sign-off.

  • All advice and treatment will be provided after it has been presented to the supervisor. Total time for your appointment is 1.5hr.


Assessments may include:

  • Clinical examinations, such as blood pressure measurement

  • Pathology test result analysis

  • Iridology analysis

  • Nail and tongue examinations


What to bring:

  • Client questionnaire and diet diary filled in. (Provided)

  • List of medications and supplements you currently take

  • Recent pathology test results from your normal Doctor

  • A willingness to try new things to optimise your health

Student clinic

What is the difference?

In a student clinic, you are seen by a student who is still learning the skills of a Naturopath. This means everything might take a little longer than for a Qualified Professional. An appointment at Endeavour takes 90min including wait time.


Students must be supervised by a Qualified Naturopath. I am lucky enough to have the support of Naturopaths with decades of experience.

Clinic hours

April to June 2021, there are appointments available at Endeavour Student Clinic on Tuesdays 8am - 4.30pm.

Cost of appointment

The cost of appointments is very affordable. Contact me for the latest offers.